President's Message


2013 Installation – President’s Speech

Dear Fellow Members of the Chicago Chapter of the Appraisal Institute and Guests,

Outgoing President Tim Rooney has tirelessly and relentlessly pursued the objective of doing what is best for our Chapter.  Tim asks a lot of questions, and he is sincerely a very patient and good listener.  He invited a number of chapter members to take responsible roles of leadership, and in so doing, Tim led the charge toward addressing challenges facing our Chapter while at the same time developing new leadership. A humble man, Tim is concerned about the well-being of EVERYONE in the Chapter, and is ready to defend the entire chapter as he would his family.   Tim has always been ready to serve our membership, and his guiding mantra from the get-go was, “What’s best for our Chapter?”  Very special thanks not only to Tim, but also to the Love of his Life, The Honorable Jean Prendergast Rooney, to The Rooney Family, and to Tim’s colleagues at BMO Harris Bank for sharing Tim with our chapter.   

On behalf of the entire Chicago Chapter of the Appraisal Institute, it is my privilege to present the 2012 President’s Plaque to President Timothy Rooney, SRA, MAI.     

Chapter Members and Guests, thank you for being here this evening. 

I am deeply honored to accept the role of President of the Chicago Chapter for 2013 and to promote the welfare and best interest of the Appraisal Institute and The Chicago Chapter.

Our Chapter is very fortunate to have the benefit of the experience, wisdom and enthusiasm of our 2013 Board of Directors as well as our Region Representatives and Alternative Region Representatives.  To each of you, I say – Thank you.

While our Chapter is member-driven, we need to say a special thank you for all of the behind the scenes work done by our Executive Director, LA Anderson. For the unseen day-to-day work of putting on education, welcoming students, operating the phones, facilitating meetings and much more – and for 24 and-a-half years! 

And special thanks to LA’s assistant, Jennifer Rodriguez.  LA and Jennifer, you give it your all and leave nothing on the table! Could you both please stand?

The Chicago Chapter has a great heritage. Did you know that we have members right here with us this evening who have been recognized for incredible contributions to our profession as Educators, Authors, Lifetime Achievement Award Winners?  Members who have authored books and papers, presented classes and seminars, been invited to share expertise in a variety of settings?  Members who have helped initiate AI programs as varied as Disaster Relief and Candidate for Designation, and yet, of these great achievements, what stands out most to me about our Chapter are the members and candidates who have distinguished themselves for timely, high quality work.

One of the hallmarks of professionals in our Chapter is the willingness to not just do the minimum but to excel by doing their best. Just look around tonight at all of the members and guests who came from near and far on a Friday evening to be with peers, when you didn’t have to. Candidates, new and previously designated, past presidents, committee members, those of you who work in offices with AI members, and those who have come from other parts of the state and country, central Illinois, Texas, Florida, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Utah, Michigan, Indiana - Thank you all!

To all who have received designations tonight or at any time during the past year – Congratulations!   And to your families who lived with you while you were pursuing your designation – thank you!  

All Members, designated and not yet designated, let’s give our spouses and families a special hand!

As a guy who grew up in the Edgewater / Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, and having been given the chance to appraise a variety of properties in Chicago and around the country, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from and work with some of the finest appraisers I know, women and men with a high level of technical expertise and passion for excellence.  Who I am as professional is a byproduct of my interactions with many in our chapter, but I need to highlight two who played an extraordinary role in my professional and personal life. 

Mike Maglocci. When I think of Mike Maglocci, I think of Integrity. Service. High quality work. Mike always pushed me to ask questions and to do my best. Ever a big proponent of AI education and the designation, Mike gave me the opportunity to appraise little and big properties such as the Water Tower Place on multiple occasions, and even sent me around the world, 3-times, to Guam. At Mike’s office, I was introduced to the person who would become my best friend and wife, Ethel.

Leaving Mike took something special. And special came in the form of a hand written “Thank You” note from George Sikorski.  With George, my questions were answered with more questions, my co-workers became part of my work family, and again, pursuit of the Appraisal Institute designation was paramount. When my son was born two months early, one of the first people to visit the neo-natal intensive care ward, wearing a doctor’s gown, was Br. George.

So, looking ahead:

Candidates, almost five years ago, my local bank employer was swallowed by a larger company, but my designation created opportunities that would not have been available otherwise.  Candidates, Affiliates, Associates:  Ask any of the Designated Members you may know, “Has having a designation made a difference in your life?”  The designation pin symbolizes that you are one of the most professional valuation persons in the world.

In 2013, our Chapter will continue to create a supportive environment to help our Candidates earn their designation via our local chapter Candidate Guidance Committee.

Our Chapter will offer opportunities for appraisers to meet with each other as well as with professionals from other real estate professions not only downtown, but in other locations across the wide expanse of the State of Illinois.

Just prior to the recent election, political scientist Paul Greene spoke at the First Friday Club of Chicago.  I wasn’t there, but Pat Kelly can correct me if I’m wrong. Professor Greene stated that we’re in an age of Automation, Globalization, and Education.  We’re not going back to the way things were before. People in all industries are expected to work harder, longer, smarter and be even more productive. Colleagues, for each of us and for our professional association to advance, we need to continue to be learning and growing.  Our Chapter will continue to improve and better serve both our Residential and Commercial members through educational offerings that tap our practical, experience based knowledge.

It’s been observed that many in both private business and the government have “delayed, denied and deferred” inevitable problems that can’t wait to be addressed. It can’t be that way with us.  Continuing the lead of the Appraisal Institute’s Immediate Past President Joe Magdziarz and of our outgoing Chicago Chapter President Tim Rooney, the Chicago Chapter will continue to address the challenges and needs of our association, as well as to lay the groundwork for our future.

Our Chapter needs to be aware of, and voice opinions regarding, pending changes affecting our industry as promulgated by the state and federal government as well as within the Appraisal Foundation and peer appraisal groups.   

Bottom line:  Nobody joins the Chicago Chapter of the Appraisal Institute hoping that eventually, one day, they might become “mediocre.” Our Association and our Chapter exist so that all of us can excel, so that our appraisal practice can be a strong link in our country’s economy, and in so doing, we can better serve our communities and our nation. Thank you!