President's Message


December 23, 2013

Dear Colleagues,


Congratulationsto our newest designees:

Megan Czechowski, MAI            Thomas Griffith, MAI


Ellen Nord, SRA                        Richard DeVerdier, MAI, SRA


Joe Webster, MAI


A very special thank youto all of you who have & continue to help our neighbors affected by the recent tornadoes in central Illinois.


More thanksto all who contributed to the collection of four bins full toys for the U.S. Marines Toys for Tots Drive.  Our Chapter received very poignant thank you letters from the Salvation Army in Bloomington and from the Marine Base in Chicago. for upcoming education and our Chapter’s Newsletter.


Proposed New Standards & Ethics from the AI:

On 12/6/13, The Appraisal Institute invited comments re an Exposure Draft of proposed new Standards & Ethics.  Please forward your comments to Deadline for submission of comments is January 12, 2014.  The AI will consider the comments received and decide whether to recommend to the Board of Directors any revisions to the Exposure Drafts.


Do you think the Proposed Standards will be helpful to us? To the public?  Are you willing to follow them?  Please offer feedback to The AI.


Looking forward,Congratulations to our 2014 Chapter President, Sharon Bagby, SRAand all of the 2014 Board of Directors and Region III Representatives!


On behalf of 2014 President Sharon Bagby, SRA, President-Elect George Collins, MAI, Vice President John McMahon, SRA, Treasurer Peter Poulos, MAI, Secretary Jeremy Walling, MAI & all of the CCAI Board of Directors & Region Representatives & CCAI-Representatives-to-ICAP, I want to wish you a strong finish to 2013, a peaceful New Year and offer special thanks to ALL all of our Chapter for your involvement in 2013.  We’re looking forward to an even better 2014!


Paul Gillespie, MAI

2013 Chapter President