President's Message


Dear Chicago Chapter colleagues, please join me in congratulating our newest Designated members in 2019:

  • Clayton P. Conn, MAI
  • Adam K. Zimmerman, MAI
  • Douglas V. Duda, MAI
  • Charles Brigden, MAI

I'd like to start by thanking our 2018 President, Kevin Byrnes, MAI. Among other things, Kevin has done a phenomenal job promoting Appraisal Institute membership and shepherding the Chapter's Real Estate Conditions Seminar.


2019 is a license renewal and a continuing education year (NOTE: You need 28* total CE hours by June 30, 2019). *This includes the 7 hour 2018-2019 USPAP update which should have been completed by June 30, 2018.

To see how many continuing education hours you have (or need) for the current renewal period click here.

My first goal as President was to focus on our education offerings with a concentration on career development, so that our members can be more successful in building their expertise and advancing their careers. In 2019, the members of the Chicago Chapter will have access to the some of the newest and most applicable classes the Appraisal Institute has to offer. Below are just a few of the 65 classes the Chicago Chapter will offer this year:

  • How Tenants Create and Destroy Value, March 3, 2019 New Seminar!
  • Advanced Land Valuation, March, 6, 2019
  • Contract or Effective Rent: Finding the Real Rent, March, 6, 2019
  • Valuation by Comparison, March 21, 2019 Recently Updated! Oak Brook, IL
  • 2019 Real Estate Conditions Seminar, March 27, 2019 Chapter Developed!
  • Uniform Appraisal Standards of Federal Land Acquisitions, April 1 & 2 Recently Revised!
  • Fundamentals of Separating Real Property, Personal Property, and Intangible Business Assets, April 2 - 3, 2019
  • Ignorance Isn't Bliss, April 4, 2019 New Seminar!
  • Litigation Assignments for Residential Appraisers, April 4, 2019
  • Rural Valuation Basics - May 8, 2019 New Seminar! East Peoria, IL
  • Residential Applications Part 1, May 22, 2019
  • Residential Applications Part 2, May 23, 2019
  • Solving Land Valuation Puzzles, May, 24, 2019 New Seminar!
  • Valuation of Conservation Easements, May 13-16, 2019
  • Golfonomics, June 25, 2019 Chapter Developed! Orland Park, IL

To view the Chicago Chapter's entire class schedule click here

Candidate Advisor Program

I highly recommend candidates who are already on the designation path, as well as designated members, to join AI's Candidate Advisor program. As a candidate, this a great program to access resources and receive guidance from experienced members. Also, an advisor may receive up to 25 hours of AI CE credit towards their AI CE cycle. Click here for an overview of the Candidate of Designation Program.

Chapter Scholarships

The deadline for Chapter Scholarship applications is March 1, 2019. The Chicago Chapter of The Appraisal Institute has four, $500 scholarships, and I encourage anyone to apply. For more details about the available scholarships click here.

Installation Dinner

The 2019 Installation Dinner was held on January 11, with about 130 attendees. Thanks to our sponsors, Lee and Associates, Hilco Valuation and Valbridge Property Advisors. The annual Installation Dinner provided an opportunity for us to reconnect with colleagues and to honor the hard work of our fellow members. Congratulations to the following members receiving service awards at the Installation Dinner:

  • David Binz, SRA - President's Award
  • Kenneth Konrath, MAI - President's Award
  • Smedmore Bernard - "Skip" Del Campo Award

Appraisal Institute Awards

The Appraisal Institute is accepting nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Outstanding Service Award. The Chicago Chapter has many members deserving of these awards and it would be great if a Chicago Chapter member received one of these awards. Nominations for both annual awards are due May 24.

  • Lifetime Achievement: The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to an AI professional who best demonstrates high ethical standards; contributes to the Appraisal Institute at the chapter, regional, national and/or international level(s); provides service to his or her community; and contributes to the appraisal profession. A minimum of 20 years of service is recommended to be eligible for this award.
  • Outstanding Service: The Outstanding Service Award is presented to an AI professional who has contributed ideas, service hours and dedication to ensure a specific program or effort is implemented at either the chapter, region, national and/or international level(s). This AI professional must be instrumental to the success of the program or effort, which also must be far enough along to measure and provide proof of success. Additionally, the program or effort must be beneficial to chapters, regions, national and international Designated Members, Candidates for Designation, Affiliates, Practicing Affiliates and/or the profession.

Click here for more information on the awards and the nomination process (AI log-in and password required).

Nominations for 2020 Vice President

The Appraisal Institute is Accepting Nominations for 2020 Vice President. The Appraisal Institute is seeking names of those professionals interested in serving as the 2020 vice president of the organization. It would be great if a member of the Chicago Chapter was nominated, so if you are interested please enter a submission. The deadline for submission is just a few days away (5 p.m. CST, Feb. 8). Appraisal Institute professionals interested in serving or wishing to recommend someone for the position may submit recommendations by email to

I'm open to any comments or suggestions you may have, and you can provide them to me directly by replying to this email.

Have a great first quarter of 2019!