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Newly Designated MAI & SRA Members

Congratulations to the following members on earning their designations in 2015

Douglas J. Ticus, MAI
Michael P. Roth, MAI
Thomas W. Hamilton, PhD, MAI
Brian T. McNamara, MAI
Brett Naugle, MAI
Kristina K. Clore, MAI
Christopher Glenday, SRA
Jon J. Marshall, MAI
Michael E. Lipowsky, MAI
Michael R. Jilek, MAI, SRA
Robert J. Pendergast, MAI
Gregory B. Nold, MAI
Shelly M. Murphy, MAI
Alexander Jaunius, MAI
Stacey Elizabeth Nadolny, MAI
Steven T. Chod, MAI
Kristin McGrath, MAI
Karen L. Dabek, MAI
Gina M. DeGuzman, MAI
Trenton Beyer, MAI
Paul K. Knight, MAI

Newly Designated AI-RRS & AI-GRS Members

Theodore R. Menck, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS
Peter E. Hopkins, MAI, AI-GRS
Alexandra M. Meade, MAI, AI-GRS
John S. O'Dwyer, MAI, AI-GRS
Daniel R. Crawmer, MAI, AI-GRS
William E. Farina, MAI, AI-GRS
Paul J. Borysow, MAI, AI-GRS
Ronald R Dooman, MAI, AI-GRS
Eric W. Dost, MAI, AI-GRS

Where To Stay

The Chicago Chapter has a corporate rate with the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza [just across the river from the chapter offices]

For a reservation, call 312-836-5000. Be sure to tell them you are a student of the Chicago Chapter in order to receive the Preferred Rates below.

May 1 – November 22, 2015 - $155/ night
November 23 – December 31, 2015 - $95/ night

These rates are based on Single/ Double occupancy plus taxes.  This rate is subject to availability and will apply to a standard room rate.