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The Chicago Chapter is here to support you - the professional appraiser – to do your very best work, and in so doing, to strengthen the role of appraisers as a solid, reliable link within our economy.

We do that by offering the finest in appraisal education, professional development and networking opportunities. Candidates for Designation will find sage, encouraging Advisors and a framework to help facilitate a meaningful while urgent path toward earning a professional appraisal designation. No matter where you are on the path to designation, you are welcome to join us. Our association is here and now, for you.

The Chicago Chapter is proud to offer the following upcoming education opportunities:

Certification Courses
Title Date(s) Instructor Member Non
Basic Appraiser Principles 09/08/2014 -
Otto Spence, MAI $440 $490
General Appraiser Income 1 09/08/2014 -
Dale Kleszynski, MAI, SRA $490 $540
Res Market Analysis & HBU 09/22/2014 -
Brian Flynn, MAI $340 $390
Gen Market Analysis & HBU 09/22/2014 -
John Urubek, MAI $490 $540
Res Site Valuation & Cost Approach 09/24/2014 -
Brian Flynn, MAI $340 $390
Basic Appraisal Procedures 09/29/2014 -
Otto Spence, MAI $440 $490
Title Date(s) Instructor Member Non
15 Hour USPAP

10/20/2014 -
John Urubek, MAI $340 $390
Advanced Education
Title Date(s) Instructor Member Non
Review Theory - General 08/25/2014 -
Rob Moorman, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS $745 $1065
Continuing Education
Title Date(s) Instructor Member Non
AMC Panel 09/03/2014 -
Symposium $60 $70
Business Practices & Ethics 09/12/2014 -
Tony Uzemack, MAI $145 $175
Residential Applications: Using Technology 09/19/2014 -
Kern Slucter, MAI $145 $175
Residential Applications: Using Excel 10/06/2014 -
Mark Smeltzer, SRA $145 $175
Professional Development
Title Date(s) Instructor Member Non
Lunch Meeting - Schaumburg 10/08/2014 -
Jerry Hoffman from MRED $50 $50
Bloomington Dinner Meeting 10/15/2014 -
Steve Wilson $50 $50

Where To Stay

The Chicago Chapter has a corporate rate with the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza [just across the river from the chapter offices]

For a reservation call Tony at 312.529.1127 and he will assist you. Be sure to tell him you are a student of the Chicago Chapter for our corporate rate.

March 1-April 30 - $135
May 1-November 22 - $150
November 23-December 31 - $105

Connect with us:
Congratulations to the following members on earning their designations in 2014

Sarah MaRous McGurn, MAI
Mark Whitsitt, SRA
Andrew G Hartigan, MAI
Stacy Letton, SRA
Michael T Gilligan, MAI
Timothy E Fitzgibbons, MAI, SRA
Ryan T Korth, MAI
Amanda E Wilson, MAI
William M Stronks, MAI
Sean D Cannaday, MAI
James R. Alcantara, MAI
Daniel J. McNeilly, MAI
Peter J. Tibble, MAI
Caitlin A. Bevis, MAI
David Barros, MAI
Dave Handley, MAI
Ronald R Dooman, MAI
Paul J. Muriello, MAI
Melissa M Lofing, MAI
Kevin P Crowe, MAI

George Sikorski, MAI - AI-GRS
Terrance P McCormick, MAI, AI-GRS
Brian D Flanagan, MAI, AI-GRS
Victoria C Pierce, MAI, AI-GRS
Richard deVerdier, MAI, SRA. AI-GRS
Anthony Uzemack, MAI, AI-GRS
Paul Gillespie, MAI, AI-GRS
Chuck Jesse, MAI, AI-GRS
Keith A Wolf, SRA, AI-RRS