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I am seeking to secure an ideal and strong-fiber position converting my 17 years of real estate experience into a role as an appraiser trainee/analyst; where my role is equal to my experience and my contributions are recognized.
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(Posted 03/26/2018)

I have successfully completed my education w/ the Appraisal Institute and plan to take my trainee exam in the very near future. I am seeking a career transition as a real estate broker into real estate appraisals/valuation field.

Marco Mallard

Real Estate Appraiser Trainee
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(Posted 03/22/2018)

I am currently seeking a position as a commercial trainee, I have previously worked as a trainee with over 1.5 years experience writing commercial narrative reports. As a student full -time student I am currently working towards completing my MSRE. Finally, I'm currently certified as a residential appraiser.

Reginald Searcy

Appraiser Trainee
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(Posted 03/14/2018)

I was an appraiser in California prior to and during the recession. Since then I have been working in various aspects of real estate, going where the work was. I recently moved to Chicago and am working towards my Certified General License. I am currently finishing my bachelor's degree. My main commercial experience is in eminent domain appraisal of agriculture land, and gas stations. Please follow the link for my resume Lydia 715-864-0615

Lydia Terry

Seeking an appraiser trainee position
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(Posted 10/31/2017)

Looking to start a new career in real estate appraisals as a trainee/ mentee. I have taken some classes and know I would enjoy the work. If you are looking for a hard working smart and personable trainee, look no further. I have been in the corporate world for many years, have plenty of world class schooling (MS from Northwestern) and am looking for a new challenge. Thanks!

Robert Cimarusti

Wanted: Appraiser Trainee position
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(Posted 10/02/2017)

Appraiser Trainee looking to start new career. Having been a realtor in both DuPage and Chicago, I am familiar with much of the business. Some of my other involvements have been, several years on the board of the sub-division where I live and a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Being self motivated and enjoying the product of real estate, I would be a good addition to you company Contact:

Certified General Trainee
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(Posted 09/26/2017)

I am seeking a position as a trainee for Certified General. I am currently taking the entry level courses on my own accord while I seek out a position. I have a M.S. in Economics and have taught for ISU. I have experience assisting appraisers in the past and am excited to work in this industry. If you are ready for a motivated individual to join your team I am ready to begin this journey! Potential to bring new business to the right company.

Jody Nord