Entry Level Scholarship Application

Classes Include:

  • Basic Appraisal Principles
  • Basic Appraisal Procedures
  • 15-Hour Equivalent USPAP Course
  • Supervisory Appraiser/Trainee Course

The award also includes the registration costs of any state specific education requirements and professional resources bundle that includes three textbooks and a HP-12C financial calculator.

Note: All classes must be taken in person at the Chicago Chapter of The Appraisal Institute. There are no substitutions for these programs. This award is non-transferable.

Scholarship Winner Program Details:

  • In person courses are offered by the Chicago Chapter of The Appraisal Institute. The classes occur during business days/hours and are held with live instructor lead sessions prescheduled through the Chicago Chapter of The Appraisal Institute. Please see the Chicago Chapter of The Appraisal Institutes website for availability www.ccai.org .
  • All scholarship winners are required to register for courses within 30 days.
  • A course is considered complete once you have completed the class and passed the proctored exam.
  • You must complete the first course within two months, the second course within four months, and the entire package within six months.
  • Anyone not adhering to timelines is made inactive and loses their scholarship.
  • Individual Advisor support is offered after first course completion.
  • Scholarship Winners are prioritized for supervisor search after completion of their second course.

Questions (Step 1)





Have you previously taken any qualifying education for real estate appraisal? *

What is your area of interest in real estate appraisal? *

Do you want to work full or part time? *

What area of Chicago metropolitan statistical do you intend to work in? *

Entry Level Scholarship Application (Step 2)

Release for Information: By applying to be an ADI Scholarship Winner, I grant the Chicago Chapter of the Appraisal Institute the right to use and publish my name, image, essay content, information provided; in any media, including but not limited to: marketing materials and presentations, interactive media, and the Internet. The Chicago Chapter of the Appraisal Institute does not need to submit any materials to me for further approval.

Entry Level Scholarship Application (Step 3)

I understand that disbursement from the ADI will be made only for tuition connected with my program of study at the Chicago Chapter of The Appraisal Institute. I understand that the scholarship may be revoked at any time that my academic work falls below the acceptable standards established by the ADI in discretion.

I represent to the best of my knowledge and belief that all information contained on this application is true and accurate as of the date of this application. Should any such information change after the date of this application, I will immediately notify ADI. I understand that ADI will consider my application along with the applications of others for a limited number of scholarships and that submission of an application does not guarantee that a scholarship will be awarded.

I hereby irrevocably waive any claim or cause of action at law or equity that I might have at any time against the Chicago Chapter of the Appraisal Institute, its Board of Directors, officers, committees, or employees, as a group or as individuals for any act or failure to act in connection with this application or scholarship program. Should I receive a scholarship, I hereby grant the Chicago Chapter of the Appraisal Institute to use my name, likeness and information from this application, and to otherwise profile me in marketing materials and other publicity.

By signing this application electronically, you hereby consent and agree that your electronic signature constitutes your acceptance and agreement to this application's terms and conditions as if actually signed by you in writing and that your electronic signature has the same legal force and effect as a signature affixed by hand. Further, you agree that the lack of certification authority or other third party verification will not in any way affect the validity or enforceability of your electronic signature.

Tell us in at least 300 words why you want to become an appraiser. Applications that fail to meet the minimum word count will not be considered. Applicants are strongly recommended to create the essay in a Word document and copy and paste it. *